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NOTE: At least one individual must be a party to the Franchise License. Please forward this application, all required attachments, and application fee to AdVantis Hospitality Alliance

AdVantis Hospitality Alliance welcomes the opportunity to consider your application for a Franchise License. Please use the list below to mark the items you completed in the application. In order to process your application, all items must be answered completely and accurately. If an item does not apply, please state N/A.

The following items are required with submission of your application:

Credit check in the amount of $ made payable to Advantis Hospitality Alliance, LLC for Application Fee

Property Profile: 

Street                                 City. State, ZIP
#Of Guest rooms    Structure 

Food & Beverage Facilities
:   Total Numbers  Total SQF  Total Capacity

Meeting Rooms

   (specify) :

For Conversions Only:

What is the full name of the existing property?
Year property opened?

Has property been renovated since opening?
If yes, year extent

Principal Contact: 

Name of person to whom all correspondence should be addressed*       Email Address*
Address                                      City,State,Zip                    Telephone*

Application Fee 
Enclosed with this application is a certified check for $: representing the Application Fee

Applicant represents and certifies that the enclosed information is true and agrees to supply such additional information, statements or data as may be requested by AdVantis Hospitality Alliance.

In order to complete an adequate credit investigation, Applicant authorizes companies (including credit reporting agencies) and/or individuals as references to disclose to AdVantis Hospitality Alliance and any and all information for the consideration of this application.
 Signed                              Name                                          Title                             Date
 Signed                              Name                                          Title                             Date
 Signed                              Name                                          Title                             Date
 Signed                              Name                                          Title                             Date

AdVantis Hospitality Alliance. reserves the right to approve or disapprove the Franchise License Application and the Applicant shall not be deemed to have been granted a License to operate a AdVantis Hospitality Alliance brand guest lodging facility and there shall be no binding obligations on either party unless and until both parties have executed the applicable documentation. In the event that a Franchise License Agreement is not granted to the Applicant, Advantis Hospitality Alliance, LLC. agrees to refund the deposit, less any expenses incurred in the processing of the application


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